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Shop by department Shop by department sale. See all examples of bandage. Choose a dictionary. A bandage is a piece of material used either to support a medical device such as a dressing or splint , or on its own to provide support for the movement of a part of the body. Shingles Vaccination Service. Chickenpox Vaccination Service. Dictionary Entries Near bandage. You should: ask the person to hold their arm across their chest and support the arm while you work put the bandage under the arm and around the back of the neck put the other half of the bandage over the arm to meet at the shoulder and tie into a knot adjust the bandage so that it supports the full length of the arm up to the end of the little finger tuck the loose ends of the bandage in at the elbow, or use a pin If you're using a triangular bandage to support a lower limb or large dressing, fold it in half horizontally so the point of the triangle touches the middle of the long edge. The Boy Scouts popularized use of this bandage in many of their first aid lessons, as a part of the uniform is a "neckerchief" that can easily be folded to form a cravat. Post the Definition of bandage to Facebook Facebook.

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The sentence contains offensive content. This dynamic is called resting pressure and is considered safe and comfortable for long-term treatment. Toggle limited content width. Children in Need. It is used to hold dressings or splints on to limbs, or to provide support to sprains and strains, so that it stops bleeding.

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White open weave bandages and conforming bandages are also ideal for first aid applications. About this. Synonyms of bandage. Post the Definition of bandage to Facebook Facebook. Suggested keywords. Safety Products. This article is about the medical device. Cold Patches. Boots beauty store. Sports First Aid Supplies. Some of the dressings have antiseptic properties. Avoiding common mistakes with verb patterns 1 February 21, Bandages are available in a wide range of types, from generic cloth strips to specialized shaped bandages designed for a specific limb or part of the body.

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  • A tube bandage is applied using an applicator, bandage, and is woven in a continuous circle.
  • The pad may also be medicated with an antiseptic solution.
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Back to Accidents, first aid and treatments. When applying bandages to elbows and knees to hold dressings in place or support sprains or strains, flex the joint slightly, apply the bandage in a figure of 8, and extend the bandage quite far on each side of the joint. When applying bandages on hands to hold dressings in place or support sprains and strains, wrap the bandage around the wrist twice. Then work from the inside of the wrist using diagonal turns across the back of the hand to the end of the little finger, leaving the thumb free. When you've covered the hand, wrap the bandage around the wrist twice and fasten the end. Tubular bandages are used to hold dressings on fingers or toes, or support injured joints. They're made of seamless fabric tube. You can get elasticated ones to place over joints such as the ankle. Ones made of tubular gauze can be placed over fingers or toes, but do not provide any pressure to stop bleeding. Before placing a tubular bandage over an injury, you may need to cut it to a smaller size. Triangular bandages can be used as large dressings, as slings to support a limb, or to secure a dressing in place. If you're using a triangular bandage as a sling on an arm, you use it opened out. If you're using a triangular bandage to support a lower limb or large dressing, fold it in half horizontally so the point of the triangle touches the middle of the long edge. Then fold it in half again in the same direction to make a broad strip. Page last reviewed: 23 October Next review due: 23 October Home Common health questions Accidents, first aid and treatments Back to Accidents, first aid and treatments. How do I apply a bandage? The key points when applying a bandage are: make sure the person is comfortable and tell them what you're doing work from the side of the injury so you do not have to lean across their body keep the injured part of the body supported in the position it'll be in when the bandage is on use the right size bandage — different parts of the body need different widths of bandage avoid covering fingers or toes when bandaging a limb so you can easily check the circulation apply the bandage firmly, but not tightly, and secure the end by tucking it in securely. You can also use a safety pin, tape or a bandage clip as soon as the bandage is on, ask if it feels too tight and check the circulation by pressing on a fingernail or a piece of skin until it turns pale. If the colour does not return after 2 seconds, the bandage may be too tight, so you should loosen it.

These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word 'bandage. Send us bandage about these examples. Accessed 27 Feb, bandage. Nglish: Translation of bandage for Spanish Speakers. Britannica English: Translation of bandage bandage Arabic Speakers. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free!

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Bandage. How do I apply a bandage?

If something is the wrong way around, bandage, the part that should be at the front is at the back. Infinitive or -ing verb? Avoiding common mistakes with bandage patterns 1. Add to word list Add to word list, bandage. US a Band-Aid. Ensure the wound is free from dirt before applying the bandage. She removed the bandage to reveal a red swollen wound. He wound a bandage bandage round her finger. My ankle is rather weakso I always put a bandage on it to support it when I play tennis. Bandage came out of the hospital swathed in bandages. You ought to bandage up that cut, bandage.

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Next day a number of the men turned up, bandaged, bandage, as casualties. Medical Bandage Clinical Bins. Malaria Prevention Service.

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